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Skin Therapy 90Cocktail Cure: Overall Maintenance for any skin type that needs exfoliation, hydration and SPFBeauty Buzz: Relax, Repleniseh & Renew
Wrinkletini Plus 260 Cocktail Cure: Ultra Advanced Anti-aging facial using medical TCA designed to treat and diminish visible lines & wrinkles.
Clinical Exfoliant Choice of Dermaplaning, Microdermabrasion, Hydra-microdermabrasion. Double H20 Oxygen spray and Infrared Oxygen through electric current . Skin Is topped with Hydration using Anti-oxidants, Liquid Juvederm, Peptide Press with Golden Eye Mask & 24K Gold Mask , Pure Mineral SPF
Beauty Buzz: The Ultimate Facial Resurrection 7 Brightening Nonsurgical Facelift
Wrinkletini 120 Cocktail Cure: Treat Wrinkles & Fine Lines using AHA’S, Retinols, & SPFBeauty Buzz: Anti-aging!! Firm, Tone & Protect
Spots on the Rocks 110 Cocktail Cure: Acting on Acne at all levels using Benzoil Peroxide, Salacylic/Aha’s, Lightweight Moisturizers, & SPFBeauty Buzz: Control, Correct, and Protect
Pigment Punch 95 Cocktail Cure: Target Hyperpigmentation with Fruit Enzymes or  Customized Designer Peels. Penetrating Skin-Lightening Botanicals & Nourishment into discolored skin.Beauty Buzz: Tighten, Lighten & Brighten
Chilled Red 115Cocktail Cure: Soothe Rosacea, Redness & Oversensitized skin with anti-inflammatory agents, barrier protection & fragrance free SPFBeauty Buzz: Neutralize, Calm & Relieve
Microdermabrasion 120 w/24k mask (195$) This procedure is simply an upgraded means of sandpapering your skin with Aluminum Oxide crystals and suction to make its topmost exterior softer, smoother and more leveled; can be applied to almost every skin type with no down time. IMPROVES SKIN TEXTURE! Brightens skin color, superficial sun damage, stretch marks and age spots. Can also be combined with a mild/moderate peel suggested by your esthetician (10-25+)

Dermaplaning 125  Method of Exfoliation that is mild & consists of using a mini scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of dulling dead skin cells in order to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion. Microdermabrasion Alternative /Result Driven Treatment.  LITTLE DOWNTIME! There is the manual exfoliation factor of temporarily removing unwanted thin& fine hair.
Can also be combined with Cool H2O Oxygen Mist to Calm and Hydrate the skin (20+)

Physician Grade Medical Skin Peels {Consult Required for Pricing) are also available to safely eliminate damaged & disfunctional cells (major wrinkles & scars).These peels are designed to stimulate the skin's own repair mechanisms to regenerate collagen and elastin.Consultation required. Prices vary.
24K Gold Mask 150+ Luxury Lift 
The Ultimate Luxurious anti-aging mask. Helps improve the appearance of firmness, brighten the skin and impart a rich dewy glow. Enjoy the Luxury and Lift of this 24K beauty treatment.
"I have been a client of Pauline's for many years and I would recommend her highly. She's very professional and understands what her client needs. She's also very personable and takes the time to know her clients. Overall she offers a quality experience with a personal touch."
Loyal Client-Sherry Cummings