From the Wax Pot
Eyebrow 45 +
Eyebrow Tweeze 45+
HD Brow Contour & Design  40
Upper Lip 12
Chin  12
Ears  12
Nose 12
Sides of Face 20
Underarms 20
Full Arms 35/Half Arms/25
​Full Legs 85/ Half legs /50
Full Stomach 25
Full Chest 45+
Back & Shoulders 60
Creative Bikini 40+
Specializing in “Brazilian Bikini” 50

Permanent Makeup

Micro-blading 445 (manual)/ with Ombre 500
(6-8 week Touchip included)
Permanent Brows 395+ (tapping)
Ombre Brows 545 (soft shading/blended outline)
1 touch-up within 1 year $95
After 1yr. Consult required (prices vary)
Eyeliner 245
Dramatic +50
Lipliner 245
Full Lip 350+
Beauty Mark 50
Corrective Prices Vary- Consultation Suggested

Cocktailing Every treatment to fit your specific needs
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I've been getting Full Body Waxing Services with Pauline for 6 years,
 I only trust Her!  Also, It's my favorite past time.

Eyes Love It!!
One Shot KERATIN Lash Lift  115
The hottest trend in the Eyelash Industry . takes 30-45 minutes and lasts 8-12 weeks. Lash Lifting uses Silicone Pads" instead of traditional "perming" rollers to give more of a lifting effect from the base of the eyelash.
Great alternative to Lash Extensions,
 Fermaldehide free. Opens Eyes and enhances the length of Natural Lashes. Your eyes will love it!!
Lash Tint 25 
HD Brow Tint 25
Gold Collagen Eye Mask 25
Eyelash Extensions 150+
Eyelash Touchup 55+

Credit Card Deposit Required for all First Time Clients

"Oh I just love Pauline! I originally found her on Amazon Local and was hooked after the first visit. She's not only awesome at facials, she's a great person all around! My skin feels great after I see her. She's not pushy about product purchases, but she gives honest and great recommendations if you're looking for long term skincare.
She's always timely and you feel your getting money's worth when your with her. I also just enjoy chatting with her and laughing about whatever is going on at the time. Hehe...Sloving life's problems one facial at a time.
" I totally recommend Pauline! :-)
From the Oxygen Bar

H2o Oxygen Mist 20+ Infusion of Oxygen and Vitamins. Topical Cool Mist that promotes collagen regeneration. Penetrates product and Calms Sensitive and Irritated Skin. Refreshing !!

High Frequency 20+ 
High-Frequency electricity flows to produce ultraviolet through glass electrode tube. It produces Ozone for sterilization, skin metabolism and calms the nerve and has analgesia (pain) function.
Great for after wax and Facial Mask Penetration

She was professional in every way and I could not be happier... I am delighted with my new Brows!!
Thank you